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It’s Pumpkin

Spice Holiday Time!

Celebrate your holidays with Elissimo Coffee gift boxes and merchandise!




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We source our coffee from 9 distinct regions in order to pour a beautiful piece of the world into every cup that we serve you.

From personally choosing the right beans to executing the perfect boutique roast on each and every batch of beans, our infatuation, and enthusiasm for all things coffee is unparalleled… It’s about the coffee...period.

That’s the Elissimo Coffee & Roaster Company difference.


Fresh Roasted Whole Beans

Get your Elissimo fresh whole beans at the touch of a button!


Can’t Live Without Coffee?

Then don’t! Join Elissimo’s coffee monthly subscription service!



Roasted in-house

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Our Elissimo Partner Community

Some things just go together, like tea and crumpets or coffee and chocolate raspberry scones…

or any of the above and a great book! And, of course, although you don’t need a battery for books, a really great bookmark comes in handy!

These are the wonderful partner products that we’ve paired with at Elissimo Coffeehouse & Roasting to give you that extra special experience when enjoying an awesome cup of our coffee!


Duncans Mills Tea

Renegade Goods

Blackmarket Bakery